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While things are getting back to normal in our lives, for a person with blindness or low vision, feeling isolated from the people around you can be a part of daily life.

Denise and Seeing Eye Dog BellaDenise sitting with Seeing Eye Dog Bella

When Denise lost most of her vision in her mid-fifties, she said she became withdrawn and depressed: “All my life, I’d been the helper, it was just so hard. I seriously thought it was the end of my world.”. Suddenly, she felt she could no longer travel, continue to work or be the fun-loving, dependable grandmother she’d once been.

But then a beautiful Seeing Eye Dog called Bella came along and brought back the joy and independence Denise thought she’d lost. Denise has almost no vision, so she trusts Bella with her safety.

Bella helps find her a seat at the footy where they are able to weave through enormous, noisy stadiums packed with rowdy fans. Together, they navigate stairs, elevators, aeroplanes and trains with confidence.

Denise is back living life to the fullest, thanks to a very special four-legged partner called Bella


Val and Seeing Eye Dogs Roma and OnyxVal in pool reaching arms out to touch Seeing Eye Dog Roma

Seeing Eye Dog Onyx spent her most of her working life on a farm in the far east of Victoria, near the Snowy River. She would guide her client Val through washouts, around tree stumps and past ants’ nests, all while avoiding wombat and rabbit holes. If she saw a snake, she would wait for it to cross the path before moving on.

Eventually the farm became too much for both Val and Onyx, and they moved to suburban Melbourne. When it was eventually time to retire Onyx, Val had some very tough months waiting for her new Seeing Eye Dog. “I was miserable. I lost my independence and confidence and went back to the days when people felt sorry for me because I couldn't do things,” Val said.

Eventually, Val was matched with Roma, her new Seeing Eye Dog who she came to love and depend on just as much. But what happened to Onyx, you ask? Val adopted her as a beloved pet.

“I can’t bear to think what my life would be like without Onyx and Roma. I owe so much to lovely people like you who support Seeing Eye Dogs.”


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