Puppy Games

The Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games are back, by pup-ular demand! 

On Thursday July 21 the third Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games took place, proudly supported by the Petbarn Foundation and Royal Canin.

Four pups-in-training competed in a series of challenges, including the Petbarn Dogstacle Distraction Course, the ROYAL CANIN® Temptation Trail Food Challenge and more, as they show the world what it takes to be a Seeing Eye Dog.  

Each pup was given a score at the end of each challenge and the one with the highest score was crowned the official Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games winner. Congratulations Rani and her trainer Lina!

 Watch the Puppy Games replay 


Royal Canin food
Cat sits in a small pet bed
Ninja Warrior obstacle

Puppy Games supporters


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The Petbarn Foundation



The Petbarn Foundation has been running its annual Seeing Eye Dogs Appeal since 2014.

For one month each year, The Petbarn Foundation encourages its Petbarn and City Farmers communities to lend a helping paw and raise vital funds to help cover the cost of breeding, training and caring for as many Seeing Eye Dogs as possible.

Special thanks to Petbarn for supplying a number of the toys in the Petbarn Dogstacle Distraction Course.



Royal Canin



We all know that what we put in our bodies helps drive our training and performance. The same goes for our Puppy Games athletes.

Royal Canin helps keeps our athletes fighting fit with their range of high-quality food, specifically formulated for puppies. The diet is full of nutrition tailored to help build their immune systems, enabling healthy growth and digestive support.

In fact, Royal Canin has been the official provider of precise nutrition for every puppy and dog in the Seeing Eye Dogs training and breeding programs since 2006.

Special thanks to Royal Canin for supplying the food in the ROYAL CANIN® Temptation Trail.