Puppy Athletes


Four pups, four trainers. Which team will be crowned the official Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games winner? Meet the four teams below competing for gold on July 22, 2021.


Isobel and trainer Lissette sitting next to Puppy Games sign

Lissette and Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Isobel (3 months)

Breed: Labrador x Golden Retriever

Height/Weight: I'm 10kg but like to think of myself as a welterweight.

"There are so many temptations for any pup to get distracted throughout the Games, but Isobel takes pride in her work and will resist all temptations like a true athlete."

Lissette is one of our more experienced trainers in the Puppy Games, with seven years of experience and roughly 500 dogs trained. She loves being in the sun, just like puppy Isobel, making them a great pair. Isobel thinks she has what it takes to win the 'Listen Up' Puppy Ping Pong challenge and will respond with excited puppy jumps if she wins. Her goal when she grows up is to be the first dog to go to Mars.

Hype song:  Hound Dog  Elvis Presley

Ivory and trainer Abi sitting next to Puppy Games sign

Abi and Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Ivory (3 months)

Breed: Golden Retriever x Labrador

Height/Weight: A girl never tells these secrets

Ivory is a calm soul with moments of excitement. She is not camera shy, and with all that gorgeous fur to show off, I can see why!

Abi is a seasoned pro at training, with five years under her belt. For her, the best part of training is getting to see all the successes a puppy makes, big and small, whether that be winning the Puppy Games, having their first night's sleep or going out to work with a client as a Seeing Eye Dog. Ivory's recall skills are like no other and she's keen to win the 'Listen Up' Puppy Ping Pong Challenge. 

Hype song:  We Are the Champions Queen

Chessy and trainer Jack sitting in front of Puppy Games sign

Jack and Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Chessy (5 months)

Breed: Labrador 

Height/Weight: Irrelevant when winning runs in the family (I'm the half-sister of last year's Puppy Games winner Unique)

"Chessy is a sassy girl who is determined to succeed at every little challenge that comes her way."

Jack is a rookie puppy trainer but it's all about quality over quantity. Chessy is a true go-getter and doesn't like to nap when there's training to be had. She can now walk past dogs without having Jack say 'heyyy' every time. She will be one to watch in the Petbarn Dogstacle Distraction Course. 

Hype song: Run the World (Girls) Beyoncé

Paige and Frieda sitting on grass next to Puppy Games sign

Paige and Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Frieda (4 months)

Breed: Labrador 

Height/Weight: Definitely under the safe-to-ride height. Weighs 12kg. 

"I am so lucky to be raising not only Frieda but her mum, Keisha, as well. Frieda is my fur granddaughter!"

Paige returns to the Puppy Games for a second year, bringing new pup Frieda. The dynamic duo have a special edge over the other teams, as Paige is not only Frieda's trainer, but also her carer. As the first girl born in her litter, Frieda was the smallest out of her siblings. But don't let her size fool you, she's a pocket rocket.

Hype song: That's my Girl  Fifth Harmony