Puppy Athletes


Four pups, four trainers. Which team will be crowned the official Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games winner?  Meet the four teams who competed for gold on July 21, 2022.


Abi and Puppy Athlete Sandler

Trainer Abi sits with black Labrador puppy athlete, Sandler

Age: 12 weeks

Breed: Labrador

Abi is returning to the Puppy Games this year and is vying for the crown! She is a seasoned trainer with over 5 years of experience and builds trust with her puppy athletes with bonding activities like grooming and play time.

“Sandler has a great little personality and is always up for an activity that might lead to a snack or two. “

The Royal Canin Temptation Trail food challenge will certainly put Sandler to the test!

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Jack and Puppy Athlete Tambo

Trainer Jack sits with Golden Retriever puppy athlete, Tambo

Age: 11 weeks

Breed: Golden Retriever

Jack lives by the golden rule of dog training: reward the good and ignore the not-so-good. He is the reigning champion of the Puppy Games after taking out the title in 2021.

Puppy athlete Tambo is very excited for the Puppy Games as he loves to be the star of the show (watch out brother Tom) and knows he is one very good-looking boy.

“With all those toys as distractions, the Petbarn Dogstacle Course is going to be the biggest challenge for this puppy.”

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Lina and Puppy Athlete Rani

Trainer Lina sits with black Labrador puppy athlete, Rani

Age: 15 weeks

Breed: Labrador

Lina is a newbie to training but considers herself a puppy whisperer after 7 years in the National Puppy Centre.

Rani is a pro in front of the camera, having already featured on The Today Show and her upcoming appearance in the 2023 Seeing Eye Dogs calendar.

Rani is the first pup that Lina has trained from birth and they are ready to show everyone how great they are as a team!

“We both love eating endlessly – she knows me, I know her.”

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Paige with Puppy Athlete Tom

Trainer Paige sits with Golden Retriever puppy athlete, Tom

Age: 11 weeks

Breed: Golden Retriever

Paige is a Puppy Games veteran taking part in all three annual competitions. She has trained over 100 dogs in addition to being a puppy carer and providing a home for a Seeing Eye Dog mumma, Keisha.

Puppy athlete Tom is 80% floof and will be up against his brother Tambo.

“Tom has been preparing for the competition by making sure he has hearty breakfasts followed by stretching, doing his puppy push-ups and working on distractions at his local Petbarn store.”

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