Puppy Athletes

Four pups, four trainers. Which team will be crowned the official Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games winner? Meet the four teams below competing for gold on July 23, 2020.

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Brit (trainer) and Yaris (pup-in training) sitting together in mobility centre

Brit and Yaris (9 weeks)

Breed: Labrador 

Height/Weight: I am small (8kg) but mighty! - Yaris

"I am so lucky to be a trainer in such a rewarding field. I love working with Yaris and seeing him learn, grow and develop."

Brit loves training dogs (almost as much as Harry Potter), and has been a trainer for almost 4 years. Yaris is our snoozy competitor, and while he may love a nap, don't let his mellow attitude fool you. He currently holds the record for being the quickest to find where his mum keeps his treats in her bag. Yaris doesn't have a favourite event, but he worries about the Time Trial Challenge as he knows his little legs might not run as fast as the others. 

Hype song: Hound Dog by Elvis

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David (trainer) and Meadows (pup in training) sitting in mobility centre

David and Meadows (5 months)

Breed: Labrador x Golden Retriever

Height/Weight: Shorter than an elephant, bigger than an ant.

"Meadows and i are just so different, he is a true jock and rockstar, while I'm an incredibly huge nerd, yet somehow we are best friends."

David has been training pups for two years but it was the sheer level of fluff Meadows had as young pup that really drew David to him. Meadows loves belly scratches and going for long walks – as soon as his Seeing Eye Dog jacket goes on, he knows to perform the part. Meadows is most looking forward to the ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Food Bowl Challenge, because you can guarantee that when the whistle blows, he'll be the first to finish the bowl. 

Hype song: Thunderstruck by AC/DC

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Paige (trainer) and Norris (pup-in-training) sitting together in mobility centre

Paige and Norris (5 months)

Breed: Labrador

Height/Weight: "In my head I’m a welterweight but in reality about 15kg" - Norris

“I could tell (Choc) Norris was special from day one. He has always been very focussed and a quick learner”

Paige has been a trainer for three years and like Norris, is nimble on her feet. Paige is a ballroom dancer and meanwhile Norris is martial arts obsessed. Norris current holds a brown belt in puppy zoomies but thinks he will reach black very soon.  He is most looking forward to the Petbarn Dogstacle Distraction Course which he will shoot through like a breeze.

Hype song:  Hero by Mariah Carey

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Claire (trainer) and Unique (pup in training) sitting together in mobility centre

Claire and Unique (3 months)


Breed: Labrador

Height/Weight: Unique is only small (6.5kg), but that doesn't mean she's not tough. 

She is Unique, need i say more?!

Claire is a seasoned pro at training, with nine years under her belt.  Unique is one of 11 with five brothers and five sisters, and as her name suggests she stands out from the crowd. She knows she's pretty, but that doesn't mean she's afraid to get her paws dirty in the name of winning.  Unique looks forward to winning the ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Food Bowl Challenge and will do a zoomies victory lap if she wins gold. 

Hype song:  Who let the dogs out by Baha Men

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