Meet Yaris

Yaris (pup in training) sitting in Seeing Eye Dog jacket.

"I have many favourite songs, but Hound Dog by Elvis is my jam. My mum also says i look like a hound puppy." - Yaris

At a hefty 30cm at the shoulder and a weight of 8kg, Yaris is our mighty labrador in The Puppy Games. He is fearless  and loves exploring the world, particularly going up stairs, which he tackled on day one. 

Yaris starts his day with a breakfast of ROYAL CANIN® to fill the tank, and then practises his push-ups and getting his Seeing Eye Dogs pup-in-training  jacket on quickly. He loves proudly showing it off at Petbarn where he trains for the Petbarn Dogstacle Distraction course and with so many smells, people and pets he finds it sometimes hard to remember what to do, but he knows that by Game Day he will be all set. 

Yaris is getting plenty of snooze time in the lead up to the Games to make sure he’s set to go on Game Day.

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