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The Petbarn Foundation’s Seeing Eye Dogs Appeal raises vital funds to help cover the cost of breeding, caring for and training Seeing Eye Dogs to support as many Australians who are blind or have low vision as possible.

Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs is the only national provider of world-class bred and trained Seeing Eye Dogs. Our work depends heavily on the goodwill and support of our donors and volunteers to provide these life-changing companions.

It costs more than $50,000 and takes up to two years to train a single Seeing Eye Dog.

Since launching in 2014, the Appeal has raised over $5 million – that’s 125 six-legged partnerships that have been created with your help.

In July 2022, we once again partnered with The Petbarn Foundation and Royal Canin and raised $1.7 million!

A golden retriever Seeing Eye Dog pup-in-training lies on the floor looking up

Why it's so important

Seeing Eye Dogs enable Australians who are blind or have low vision to retain their independence and mobility.

For people like Brittnee, a Seeing Eye Dog provides the confidence to get around safely, helps overcome social isolation and contributes to an all-round better quality of life.

With such a high demand, people in need are currently waiting about six months before a suitable Seeing Eye Dog becomes available.

Matching a Seeing Eye Dog to a client is a critical part of the process to ensure they have a productive and happy life together. A client’s lifestyle and the personality of both the dog and the client are taken into consideration, and once the ideal match is found, the dog is specially trained to meet that client’s specific needs.

The more dogs we have, the more perfect partnerships we can create.


How you can help

Every July, you can help us give a person who is blind or has low vision the gift of independence in two ways:

Watch The Puppy Games

Tune in to the Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Games in July as four of our pups showcase their skills and the real-life challenges they may face as a Seeing Eye Dog.

You can help us continue essential training of these dogs by making a donation on Game Day. Our generous friends at Royal Canin will be matching each donation placed that day up to a total of $50,000, meaning every dollar you give will have DOUBLE the impact.

$30 can help towards general vet examinations for pups joining the program
$50 can go towards essential equipment like special harnesses and leads
$100 can go towards essential puppy social training activities like learning to ride public transport

Visit your local Petbarn or City Farmers

Visit your local Petbarn or City Farmers store throughout July and make a donation at the counter.

Find your local store.

Your donation will be life changing for someone who is blind or has low vision.