Meet Unique

Close-up of Unique, pup in training, looking away

“Mum’ says I have a special job when I grow up: to look after someone who is blind or who has low vision. She says this is what makes me Unique. So every day I practise so I can live up to my name and be the bestest Seeing Eye Dog ever”

Unique has been working with Claire (trainer) to prepare for The Puppy Games and as her name suggests, she stands out from the crowd. She is our only girl pup-in-training in The Games, but she knows ‘Who runs the world? .. Girls’. She is a labrador born to Maddie and one of 11, with 5 brothers and five sisters, six black and four golden like her. 

Unique loves her food and is not fussy about what it is; she will even eat sticks if she finds them. While she’s not fussy when it comes to her food, she is more selective about toileting, especially when the grass is wet. 

Unique has been regularly training in the lead up to the Puppy Games and day to day this can change, but one thing that is consistent is her  healthy breakfast of ROYAL CANIN® Junior -  a good diet is the key to a keen brain ready to learn. Most days Unique and Claire will do a few rounds of her favourite exercises like puppy push-ups and targeting to warm up and get in the zone before they take a trip to our local Petbarn. There they practice distraction training especially around all the yummy treats, and ask the friendly staff to help them with their calm and appropriate greetings. ,If they have had a successful session they might pick out a new toy as a reward. 

Unique looks forward to winning the Puppy Food Bowl Challenge and will do a zoomies victory lap if she wins gold.

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