Meet Norris

Norris (pup-in-training) lying down on grass in Seeing Eye Dog jacket

"I am a genetic anomaly not only in colour, but in intellect, skill, self-confidence and stubbornness.I’m named after a martial arts expert, so, does any more need to be said?" - Norris

Norris is our chocolate pup in the Puppy Games at 5 months old, and he thinks those extra days will give him the upper advantage to take out the Gold. 

Norris loves food, any food is good food. Even if it just looks like food, he will give it a crack. But his favourite food of all time is ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Maxi. 

Norris is confident he will take out gold but he knows he will be humble in his victory and is looking forward to celebrating with his favourite soft toy “Bun Bun” ( a grey bunny he likes to suck to help him sleep).

But while he knows The Games are important he knows that his journey after the Games is something even more special. He aspires to be just like his mum, who is a qualified Seeing Eye Dog, but just better looking.

Watch out for Norris in the ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Food Bowl Challenge, he previously has broken the land speed record for eating a meal. 

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