Meet Meadows

Meadows (pup in training) sitting in Seeing Eye Dog jacket

"When I grow up I want to be able to help people the way my hero sled dog, Togo did, even if my eyes have to be their eyes." - Meadows

Meadows is hungry, both physically and mentally. He is dedicated to the Seeing Eye Dogs Calling and is our only labrador, cross golden retriever in The Puppy Games. Meadows comes from a litter of 12 black puppies, but he certainly doesn’t blend into the crowd, with his defining coat of hair.

Meadows favourite sports hero is Togo, the lead sled dog in the 1925 serum run to Nome across central and northern Alaska. Togo ran over 480kms compared to the other dogs that ran an average of 50kms. His dedication and drive to do what no other dog could do all to help people fight disease is  an inspiration to him.

Meadows has been busy preparing for the Puppy Games by focusing on his nutrition - he eats ROYAL CANIN® Puppy - Maxi (26-44kg) for breakfast, lunch and dinner and if his humans leave the door open and he gets the chance he would really pig out on the stuff all day long. 

Like his trainer David, Meadows is a real strategist, he regularly practices for the Dogstacle Distraction Course at Petbarn by ignoring all the delicious smells and furry toys in store, so he can instead go and play video games at home (Doggos and Dragons is his favourite!).

He can’t wait for the ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Food Bowl challenge because as you already know his favourite activity is finding food, and he will search high and low to get to it.

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